The Flovac Valve

The FLOVAC Valve is the latest in the evolution of the vacuum interface valve. Fully complying with EN1091 and with The Australian Standard AS 4310. The changes that have been made have come from not only our own operational experience with input from a number of experts around the world.

Features and Benefits

  • 78 mm + internal diameter.  More than 5 % greater flow area than competition’s 3” valve, yet fits with standard 90 mm or 3”pipe.
  • Superior Cv – Better through flow allowing less friction loss and more efficient systems.
  • Colour coordinated tubing and tubing connections - provides correct assembly in the field by unskilled labour.
  • Lower housing spigots with hose barbs – maintains tight, correct fit of tubing, eliminating hose disconnects and valve failure.
  • Superior fusion welded, large threaded insert ring on wye body.
  • Twice as strong as the competition. Not affected by severe water hammer. Standard rebuild components, compatible with existing systems parts.
  • Revolutionary “Easy Clip” system to retain controller properly on valve.  Positions and holds controller in only correct position and maintains vacuum seal between valve and controller.  Eliminates vacuum leaks

FLOVAC Controller
Features and Benefits

  • Unique 3 bolt design allows more uniform assembly tension of body parts and ease of assembly.
  • Simplified “one way” assembly pins allowing only correct assembly of main body components.  Virtually eliminates    improper assembly of main controller parts.
  • Superior foot design creates less vacuum leaks.
  • Utilizes revolutionary “Easy Clip” mounting clip, causing correct location of controller to the valve with simple on/off assembly.
  • Colour coordinated spigots aiding in easy and correct installation of tubing.